Fall Maintenance for Your Roof

This year, the first day of fall begins on Wednesday, September 22. Its arrival brings cooler weather, gorgeous foliage, and seasonal favorites.

The first snowfall in Denver usually begins annually on October 18. Plus, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, Colorado is in store for “above-normal snowfall.” 

That does not give residents much time to maintain vital systems and have contractors complete roof repair and other required improvements.

Getting a head start on these fall maintenance tasks, especially those related to your roof, is essential for ensuring your warmth and comfort during the fall and winter seasons.

Clean Gutters

The gutter system has a big job. It must channel water, whether from the rainfall or snowmelt, away from your home’s roof and foundation to prevent structural damage. Water is drained a safe distance away from the foundation.

Debris can impact their performance, and failure to clean can cause another issue altogether. Remove nests, tree limbs, leaves, and other debris and then flush the system using a garden hose. Gutter guards can prevent debris from getting into the drainage system.

Inspect the Roof

Using a pair of binoculars, walk around your property’s perimeter, looking for excessive wear and tear or storm damage. You can also hire a roofing contractor for a more extensive inspection.

Roof repair may be necessary if the shingles are curling, buckling, or missing. Additional issues requiring repair include signs of a roof leak or excessive amounts of granules on the ground or gutters.

A roofing contractor can inspect your roof and, if problems are detected, provide you with their recommendation for roof repair. Replacing an old, worn out, or damaged roof may be a cost-effective option with a sizeable return on investment.

Trim Back Vegetation

Overhanging tree limbs can scratch or puncture your roof and should, therefore, receive a good trimming. Experts recommend a six-foot, at minimum, distance between the roof and tree limbs.

Doing this also has the advantage of reducing the number of tree needles, pinecones, and leaves that can get into the gutters. That can, consequently, save you time when cleaning them during the fall and spring.

Schedule a Roof Repair Appointment

If you need roof repair, the fall season is an ideal time to schedule an appointment with a local roofing contractor who services Denver residents and is committed to using durable products from trusted manufacturers.

Jenesis Roofing is a locally owned Denver roofing company with dedicated, experienced professionals, specializing in residential and commercial roof replacements and roof repairs.

We also offer concrete pavers in various sizes, colors, and shapes for your outside living spaces. We can repair, service, and install new gutters as well.

Please contact us today at (303) 789-1505 to schedule an appointment.


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