CertainTeed Roofing Products

CertainTeed and Jenesis Roofing Provide Sustainable Roof Solutions

Jenesis Roofing utilizes a variety of roofing constructionmaterials from many manufacturers including the products produced by the CertainTeed Company. CertainTeed promotes sustainable solutions to a homeowner’s needs, and this provides consumers with the peace of mind that they are getting a high-quality, socially-responsible product. This focus also ensures peak efficiency because this is what is necessary for a product to receive LEED certification in the construction industry.

LEED certification is a building standard used by product manufacturers and contractors that improves the overall sustainable use of energy within a home. This is both beneficial to the environment and to the homeowner’s long-term utility bills. By meeting or beating the U.S Green Building Council’s standards for sustainable products, CertainTeed is offering some of the best building materials on the market today. Jenesis Roofing is aware of this fact and passes these benefits to the homeowner by offering this product line.

Commercial & Residential Shingle Roofs

With many products to choose from, CertainTeed products can meet the needs of both residential and commercial customers. The options range from high-end lifetime luxury GrandManor asphalt shingles to traditional 25 or 30 year shingles. Each option provides a unique look and style to match and enhance the overall appearance of a property.

Other roof solutions offered by CertainTeed are the low slope and solar options. A low slope or flat roof surface will require a different product than what is typically applied to a pitched surface. There are several options in the low slope product line specially designed for a variety of situations. Jenesis Roofing can provide professional guidance in selecting the appropriate product for each situation.

Solar Roofing Products

The solar roofing products are the premier sustainability product available. This is an innovative combination of performance and efficiency. The integrated solar shingle provides weather protection while capturing solar energy. This product eliminates the need for an additional solar panel system to capture free energy and is an attractive, environmentally conscious roof solution with lasting benefits.

Jenesis Roofing will professionally install the roof products offered by CertainTeed. These products promote sustainability and proudly display the LEED certification that represents high quality materials and energy efficiency. For more details, ask a Jenesis Roofing representative about the benefits of this product line.