Hail, Storm and Flood Damage Restoration

When Severe Weather Hits & There Is Roof Damage –

We Respond

Severe storms can cause high winds, lightning and heavy hail. This type of weather can cause shingles to blow off a home, and it can also result in downed trees. The expenses associated with roof repairs are usually covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. It is essential to respond immediately with professional service to prevent the repairs from accumulating.

At Jenesis Roofing, we work hard to ensure all of our customers are satisfied. Our storm team specializes in quick, professional service. We work with all of the major insurance companies and can help restore your home to its proper condition.

Jenesis Roofing is a proven leader in the roof construction industry and has years of experience working with homeowners and insurance companies. We are fully Licensed and Insured for your protection and all of our new roof installations are warrantied and certified.

We routinely help our clients with some of the following issues:

  • Wind repairs
  • Hail repairs
  • Roof emergency services
  • Storm and flood repairs
  • Tree and debris clean up and removal
  • Installing tarps on a home
  • Injectidry system for floors, drywall and cabinets
  • Mold testing and remediation

Emergency Flood Response

The weather seems to get weirder every year, and flash floods can strike without warning. Our professional technicians have the tools and training that enable them to quickly approach any job, remove the water and restore the home to its original condition. Our rapid recovery services are designed to ensure that property is immediately fixed. Water leaks are often associated with mold and mildew, and it is essential to work quickly to clean up after a flood. This can prevent toxic mold from making the problems much worse.

Tree and Debris Removal

Storms can also blow down trees and lead to broken windows and leaks. Broken limbs and uprooted trees should be removed as soon as possible. Lots of times, branches end up on the top of a home. This can cause a dangerous situation, and emergency response can prevent the structure from collapsing.

Hail Repairs

Jenesis Roofing will inspect the condition of your home after a hail storm. Our staff is experienced at dealing with insurance claims, and we will work with your provider to ensure your claim is filed promptly. Many times, a lot of the expenses are covered by insurance. The particular problems can be hard to spot, and our skilled technicians can help diagnose many issues that would otherwise go unnoticed. We can quickly make the required repairs, and our staff is ready to provide a free inspection and initial consultation.

Our services include the following:

  • We will have a certified inspector visit your home and diagnose the extent of any damages.
  • We will then discuss the matter with your insurance company to figure out the cost and scope of the job.
  • We will prepare documents and take pictures of the damage for the insurance company adjuster.
  • We will then replace the areas that have been damaged and ensure that your home is in its pre-storm condition.

Ice Damage

Ice storms in the winter are another cause of damages, and this can often lead to the problem of ice dams. An ice dam occurs when there is a large temperature difference in the eaves or gutter sytems of the roof. This is often due to inadequate ventilation in a structure. Ice dams can lead to leaks and will ultimately cause a lot of damage to the gutters, fascia and plywood of a roof. Inspecting for this condition is another job that Jenesis Roofing does for all of our clients on a regular basis.