Monier Lifetile Roofing Products

Jenesis Roofing is proud to offer homeowners MonierLifetile

There are several choices for residential roofing, but tile offers a number of benefits. This product is an economical choice and is designed to provide a lifetime of service. The material is incredibly durable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Modern materials are also more energy efficient and actually insulate a home. This reduces utility bills associated with heating and cooling.

MonierLifetile – Insist on Quality

This is a durable material that is made from a concrete base. It protects a home from the usual elements of wind and rain, and it is highly resistant to fire. Jenesis Roofing can install MonierLifetile on new homes or existing structures. On some jobs, it is necessary to consult a professional engineer to ensure structural stability. There is usually no problem, but concrete-based products weigh a little more than other materials on the market. Homeowners can choose from a range of different colors and styles. Tiled roofs will add to the curb appeal of any home and actually increase the resale value of most structures. Jenesis Roofing offers their clients a number of choices, and homeowners can browse the wide selection of different colors and textures.

Durable Roof Tile – Built for Life

Roofing is an expensive task, and there are several things to consider when looking for a great material. Most of the common materials are only good for about 20 years. This means that homeowners will have to install new products two or even three times during their life. This expense adds up with every project that is done. Installing a product like MonierLifetile, that is backed by a lifetime warranty, is the best way to reduce the costs of multiple home construction projects.

MonierLifetile and Jenesis Roofing – An Affordable Choice

Asphalt shingles have been a mainstay of the residential construction industry for years, and they are a good choice. However, there are many benefits associated with tile. Homeowners may have to pay a little more for the initial material costs, but this is compensated for by increased durability. Homeowners will also be able to add value to their property. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to sell their home. Savings will also be evident on utility bills. Because this product is so dense, it actually insulates the home and minimizes heat loss through the top of a structure.

Homeowners are sure to benefit when they choose Jenesis Roofing for their next project. Roof tiles comes in a range of different styles and colors. Some products are designed to look like traditional materials. Homeowners can choose products that look like cedar shakes, rustic slate or Spanish cement tiles. Jenesis Roofing can help their clients pick the right roof construction material for their home. Expert installers on staff and can handle most projects in minimal time. MonierLifetile is incredibly durable and will be the last roof most homeowners ever need to install. Homeowners will save money because the material is designed to last for life.