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Denver Roofing Contractor

From new roofs to re-roofs, attic ventilation to soffit vents, we have you covered. We specialize exclusively in residential properties, and recognize the extra care they require.

A complete roof replacement begins with preparation:

A Weather Check: We always try our best to keep up with the weather, watching forecast up to 15 days in advance. We use many different local and government sources, but guessing weather is still an inexact science. If the chance of rain is above 30% we will not start the job. If it is below 30%, we may start with your approval, in which case we will only remove and replace sections. We do have tarps on hand as an added measure though, just in case! Depending on the time of year, other weather issues like cold and heat can also make a huge impact on a the quality of the installation, but all of this will be explained to you at the time of your install.

Careful use of tarps to protect your landscape features and grass areas, as much as possible.

Tearing off old materials. This includes shingles, sometimes multiple layers, and underlayment if necessary.

Replacement or adding to decking, depending on the job.

Smoothing out the decking of nails, staples shingle pieces etc., so that the deck inspection may be done and a perfectly smooth deck is prepared for the new materials.

Next, the installation of new materials includes:

Installation of required underlayment, depending on roof pitch, along with all valleys.

Ice/water shields will be installed if required.

All flashing is inspected, replaced as needed, or added if missing. This includes flashings around chimneys, walls, skylights etc.

Ventilation upgrades will be done at this time. See comments on Roof/Soffit Ventilation

Installation of high quality composite shingles will be done per the manufacturer’s requirements. Our installation includes the use of nails, not staples. Nailing will consist of 6 nails per shingle, used for high wind nailing. This actually equals out to 12 nails per shingle, once the next course is installed.

All penetration flashings are replaced, sealed and painted to match the roof.

Finally, we do the cleanup and finishing touches:

Gutters and downspouts are cleaned out as much as possible of roofing debris, nails, etc.

A total cleanup and haul away is included.

The tarps are removed and we sweep the yard areas with large magnets to remove nails, staples, etc.

The only evidence that we were there is your beautiful new roof!