Tamko Roofing Products

A home’s roof is its first line of defense against the elements and can also provide a wide range of aesthetic appeal as well. There are two primary concerns a homeowner should consider when shopping for a new roof. The first is the quality of work provided by the contractor, and the second is the quality of products being installed. At Jenesis Roofing, both of these concerns are addressed in order to provide the homeowner with the best possible solution to their home improvement needs.

Jenesis Roofing is able to provide a complete solution by offering Tamko products. Tamko is a manufacturer of roofing materials that has a line of products available to cover all aspects of the project. From start to finish, their products are designed to work together for a complete solution with each phase of the roof’s materials being specially designed to work perfectly with the next.

The process begins by first providing peel-and-stick ice and water shield in the valleys to prevent any moisture penetration in this high stress region. Because rain and snow melt is funneled into the valleys, this area requires extra protection against long-term wear and tear. This will be followed by a complete coverage of shingle underlayment designed as a moisture barrier as well as a layer of padding for the final layer of shingles. The final layer of Tamko shingles will begin with specially manufactured starter tabs set along the bottom edge and finished with hip and ridge tabs to complete the process.

Each of these products working together with other Tamco accessories guarantees a lasting, attractive finished product. Jenesis Roofing uses this product line because a quality finished product is their greatest concern. This goal is one they share with Tamko manufacturing. A high quality product line combined with a professional installation is the best solution for a homeowner’s needs.

The Tamko product line includes many shingle colors and styles to provide a nice selection of options to the homeowner concerning the appearance of the finished product. These options include Architectural, Slate, Shake, Tile, and traditional 3-tab asphalt fiberglass. A homeowner may choose to use a product common in their surrounding area, or they may want a unique look. The variety provided by Tamko and Jenesis Roofing allows the homeowner a range of options to meet the roofing needs from both the practical and aesthetic perspectives.

The best solution for a new roof will be the one that provides the longest protection from the elements with a visually attractive finished product. Using Tamko materials, Jenesis Roofing is able to satisfy both of these concerns. This begs the question, why should a homeowner look any further for their roofing needs? This is a one-stop solution that guarantees a quality product and professional service that will produce a beautiful roof for many years to come.